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27th November 2022 

About therapy

About therapy. tree heart

Often the difficulties that bring us to therapy are troublesome and unwanted, and yet it can be the willingness to find a professional that allows a healing process to begin. Over many years of training and working with people I have developed a deep respect for the unconscious as well as the individual who is with me.

Psychotherapy itself means 'soul healing' - the root of the word ‘psyche’ means soul, and the root of the word ‘therapy’ lies in ‘therapeia’, the Greek word for healing.

"One of the many paradoxes about soul-making is that its reward is the most valuable and unique a person could have, and yet its raw material is often the most despised and common."
Thomas Moore, Author of 'Care of the Soul'

About therapy. blackswirl

When you discuss the issues that are troubling you I will give attention to your feelings, thoughts, memories, dreams, all that needs to be heard. This includes what you may feel to be uncomfortable or unacceptable. I will respond to you as a unique individual, primarily through the conversation and the relationship that develops between us, and at times I may offer to work with images, dreams, creative art therapies such as paper and crayons, or give attention to symptoms felt in the body.

The nature of counselling and therapy is an intimate one; bringing your inner world to a stranger. It is also a courageous one. Past relationships are key in how we develop growing up so the relationship that grows between us can also help us in our understanding and be a valuable part of the process. Through seeing and listening more closely bridges are built to what is unconscious, developing a deeper connection within and greater understanding. This allows for new resources to develop and more choices to emerge for you.

The next step to find out more would be to make an initial appointment which will provide an opportunity for me to find out about you and what is troubling you, and for you to gain a sense of who I am and how I work. We can then discuss whether we can work with one another. There is no obligation to continue.

If we decide it would be beneficial to work together we would then discuss the length of our agreement. There are times when another therapist or specialised agency would be better suited for you and I would be happy to refer you on. Call 07812 112307 or email me using the link at the top of the page to make an appointment.