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3rd February 2023 

Events and Links

Here you will find details of events and organisations that you may find interesting.

'Re-Vision' is the counselling and psychotherapy centre where I trained. They offer a range of courses for both personal and professional development.

Re-Vision celebrated 30 years since inception, with the publication of their first book "Transformation in Troubled Times".
Edited by Chris Robertson and Sarah Van Gogh, the book offers an integrative perspective that both gives a place to the troubles of the modern world and also develops a well-tuned craft to firstly attend to our painful wounds and ultimately transform their bitterness into the salt of wisdom. You can order it direct from 'Transpersonal Press'.

Introductory Events
They offer Taster Open Evenings throughout the year which is an opportunity to hear a presentation by a trainer and meet a recent graduate.

Re-Visions Heart and Soul day is a full day workshop giving a full picture of the place that soul has as the heart of our theory and practice. The majority of the day will involve a series of exercises using guided imagery and drawing, allowing you to imaginatively view your life journey and connect with your emerging next step. You can participate for personal or professional development, or as a taster whilst considering the training.

Transitions - A Five Day Experiential
For a more in-depth experience take a look at Re-Visions Transition Course. Participants from every walk of life have found this remarkable course of immense personal value. Using imagery, ritual, drawing, mask-making, dramatic enactment and dialogue, it explores the legacy of family history as well as the longing for something more in life. The course structure follows a healing cycle that allows participants to experience a fundamental ‘re-visioning’ of their next step in life. For those interested in personal or professional development and it is a pre-requisite for the training.