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19th October 2018 

Events and Links

Here you will find details of events and organisations that you may find interesting.

'Re-Vision' is the counselling and psychotherapy centre where I trained and they offer a range of courses for both personal and professional development.

Introductory Events
They offer Taster Open Evenings throughout the year which is an opportunity to hear a presentation by a trainer and meet a recent graduate.
'Click here to find out more'.

Re-Visions Heart and Soul day is a full day workshop providing an experiential opportunity to find out about Re-Vision and training, giving a full picture of the place that soul has as the heart of our theory and practice. The majority of the day will involve a series of exercises using guided imagery and drawing, allowing you to imaginatively view your life journey and connect with your emerging next step.
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Transitions - A Five Day Experiential
For a more in-depth personal development experience take a look at Re-Visions Transition Course. Participants from every walk of life have found this remarkable course of immense personal value. Using imagery, ritual, drawing, mask-making, dramatic enactment and dialogue, it explores the legacy of family history as well as the longing for something more in life. The course structure follows a healing cycle that allows participants to experience a fundamental ‘re-visioning’ of their next step in life.
Courses are usually run in February, May, July, August, November - 'click here' for further information and dates.

Couples Therapy
If you are looking for Couples Therapy, I recommend Michael Fairbairn who also trained at Re-Vision, and he is based in St Albans.

Clinical Supervision

I offer clinical supervision, either for individual work or in small groups by arrangement. My approach is reflexive and integrative and I work with students in training as well as qualified therapists. Creative art can be included in the supervision process if that is useful to you and your work. I am happy to talk with you if you wish to discuss your clinical needs and the possibility of working together, whether individually or within a group. 55 per hour